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The differences in planning and making art

"Considerations of who will or might read the piece are appropriate and sometimes actively useful in planning it, thinking about it, thinking it out, inviting images. But once you start writing, it is fatal to think about anything but the writing. True work is done for the sake of doing it. What is to be done with it afterwards is another matter, another job. A story rises from the springs of creation, from the pure will to be; it tells itself; it takes its own course, finds its own way, its own words; and the writer’s job is to be its medium."  - Ursula K. Le Guin

via Brain Pickings.

Art with Intent

This is an excerpt from a post by one of my favorite art bloggers, Armand Cabrera.

"Art is not just what we know it is what we also feel; but for it to succeed as art, it must provide a shared experience to the viewer. There are many names for this idea heart, authenticity, honesty, genuineness, truthfulness, substance. . .

Real skill is ability and judgment in directing and designing all aspects of a work. Color, composition, brush calligraphy, edges, design, and subject choice. . .

While I would agree that adding as much detail and finish as possible to a painting doesn't add any insight, I would also argue that having no understanding about what you paint or how you do it will not add emotional content to a painting either. . .

To convey emotion and genuine sincerity it must first be understood as a goal by the creator of the work. It must then be attainable through the skill of the painter."